Ariel Nguyen

TravelFeed Mobile App

About the project

This mobile app allows users to schedule their trips conveniently and efficiently by providing helpful information or suggesting itineraries at destinations on over the world.

My Role

Product Designer


3 months

Tools Used

Adobe XD

Hi-Fidelity Screens



Case Study

Designing Process

I follow IDEO’s Human-Centered Design and Lean UX Design Thinking process to make sure that my design decisions were supported by user research and feedback.


The User?

I defined the target user as: young people from 18 to 38 years old belong to the Millennial generation – who are not afraid of “hard” are only afraid of “waiting”, hating having to waste time, love technology, internet, travel experience, discover and conquer, like to share and have high community cohesion.

User Goal?

Want to use time and budget effectively throughout the journey from scheduling to the end of this journey.

The Problem?

One-third of travelers reported using social media frequently or very frequently to plan a vacation, mostly for travel tips and advice (57 percent) and looking at photos of places they plan to visit (56 percent).

To prepare for the trio, usually, they have to make a plan but often encounter problems such as:

  1. Have a hard time planning for short trips. Have trouble planning in detail. Doesn’t have enough information to plan for all activities.
  2. Couldn’t find legit review and doesn’t like leaving review.
  3. They have difficulty determining travel time and distance from point to point to arrange the schedule so that it is reasonable
  4. Must use another Chat app such as Whatsapp, Messenger, text message, etc. to talk to their group.
  5. Managing your budget and trip costs is inconvenient, especially when traveling with a group.


For User
  • There is 1 community with the same interest in travel. Have more knowledge, experience interesting places.
  • Maximum savings of time spent on scheduling.
  • Create a bond between team members when they can plan the trip together, experience together, keep beautiful memories together during the journey.
For TravelFeed
  • Features booking, buying tickets directly when searching, businesses with more partners are hotel booking businesses such as, Expedia, airlines, tourist destinations with fees.
  • When there is an ideal number of users, businesses can increase sales from advertising for places, shows and festivals are about to take place.


From the problems that users encounter, the application offers the following solutions:

  1. Build an online tourism ecosystem on the application itself, which provides useful information for users in planning travel, such as location, reviews, and cost.
  2. Propose a suggested schedule based on the information interests that users have provided or based on the highlights of the same direction.
  3. Building chat features in the app and integrating chatbot technology to find information, such as allowing group members to vote on the oration when chatting with the group.
  4. Build a budget management function, cost to have clarity, and not make your budget exceed your budget.

User Personas

After feedback from user interviews and competitive usability testing, I created three lightweight user personas for TravelFeed based on their different shopping behaviors:

  1. Vincent, a Conservative Traveler, loves to travel and see new places but also has a lot of concerns before making decisions.
  2. Hannah, a Spontaneous Traveler, loves to travel more often due to emotional reasons rather than logical planning.
  3. Nicolas, a True Explorer, loves to travel and knows what he wants most of the time.
Young bearded caucasian traveller checking guide map and smartphone
Conservative Traveler

Vincent likes to travel but is not a spontaneous person. He needs a lot of research when it comes to planning for a vacation. Time and budget are his biggest concerns. He would not travel without feeling confident about his information.


He would like to travel more often. Have legit sources of information come in handy and help reduce planning time.

Young woman traveler taking photo with smart phone at sunset over the mountain
Spontaneous Traveler

Hannah likes the idea of traveling but has trouble deciding on a destination most of the time. She is also concerned about time and budget. She likes to try new places but is not an expert in travel planning.


She would like to travel more often, and the knowledge of travel planning comes in handy, and she does not spend too much time on planning.

Male traveler standing on top of mountain
True Explorer

Nicolas likes to travel to experience new things. Thus, he spends a lot of time planning to make sure the trip meets his expectations. Having a list of places to visit and activities to enjoy is what concerns him the most.


His goals are to spend less time on the planning process and more time on enjoying his vacation.

User Story Map

User Flows



What did beta users say about the app?

This is exactly what I have been looking for. I like that all contents on this platform is curated for travelers and the filters work in travelers' favor as well.

I love that I can save all the inspiration itineraries on this app. I would love an option to book directly on this app as well.

Remind me of Pinterest but for travelers. I like that I'm able to search for locations and itineraries. If I could book and compare price on this app, it would be perfect.

Next Step

Features that will be included past the MVP:

  • Booking
    • Add a direct booking feature to the app
  • Budget Estimation
    • Add on the calculator that shows the estimated cost of the whole trip based on the itinerary.
  • Travel Buddy
    • Find people who travel solo to the exact location and connect with them.
  • Reminder
    • Remind during the trip on saved activities.

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